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refractory technology

Refractory Technology

We manufacture a comprehensive range of pre fired, precast shapes for all aluminum cast-house applications with the latest technologies available, all while striving to be green to the enviroment.

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refractory engineering and design

Engineering & Design

Our E & D Team is experienced at problem solving, whose main goal is to provide rapid engineering and design for a wide range of precast refractory shapes and molten metal handling systems.

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refractory quotes

Product Quotes

Need a quote for a new part? All we need is a drawing with the pertinant information to provide an accurate and consistent quote for your new refractory or steel manufactured part.

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The Permatech Difference

We are an experienced team with proven success and wide range of expertise.

Our engineers, developers and quality specialist are on call.

When you need ready to install aluminum molten metal systems to hit the ground running.

Always in a relentless pursuit of process and product improvement. We are dedicated to safety, quality, and value for our customers.

Disciplined quality programs insure the highest level of dimensional and cosmetic specifications are met.

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified for quality management systems.

We deliver when we say we do with confirmation at Sales Order.

We can deliver whether by land, air or sea - via ExWorks, CIF or as needed.

Our sales partners and representatives are available worldwide.

"In the Spotlight"

Permatech's Non-Wetting Moldable rated as "Excellent" in 72-hour cup test using 7078 alloy heated to 1500 degrees F. It is reported that Permatech's Non-Wetting Moldable provides superior physical strength as well as other features including:

  • High Adhesion
  • Excellent Insulation
  • Low Shrinkage
  • Avail. in 13.5 Oz. Tube
  • Ready Mixed Composition
  • Avail. in Non RCF:
  • Clean-Wool
  • Mineral Wool
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