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Refractory Expertise

Permatech manufactures a comprehensive range of pre-fired, precast shapes for aluminum foundry and die casting applications. Permatech Inc. has been recognized for many years as the premier supplier of intricate shapes for the global aluminum industry and cast house applications.

Along with our expertise in refractory formulations and casting technology, we also offers new and improved solutions for your Investment Casting requirements. Precision shapes are available that offer the following Aluminum Foundry and Die Casting Formulations:

Fused Silica: Sigma, Sigma 2, Sigma 3
High Alumina: Beta LP, Beta 2
Silicon Carbide: Beta SC65

Key Benefits and Features

• High Strength Resistance to High Temperatures
• Resistance to Attack by Molten Steels
• Thermal Shock Resistance

Some house-cast refractory consumables include: Bull Ladles / Transfer Crucibles, Tundishes, Launders, Auto Pour Ladles, Low Pressure Casting Tubes, Striko Fill Funnels, Shot Sleeves, Pouring Spouts, Bottom Pouring Nozzles, Thermocouple Protection Tubes, and Induction Pump Components.

Click Here for a pdf file on Permatech's refractory shapes for Aluminum Foundry & Die Casting.

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